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Free home deliveries for the provinces of Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia, Prato and the municipalities of Viareggio and surrounding areas

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  •  Hot drinks vending machines :
In addition to coffee, the vending machine can also dispense coffee macchiato, cappuccino, capcioc, chocolate, milk, tea with lemon and a choice between barley (always both normal and in the variants of macchiato and cappuccino) and ginseng (always both normal and in the variants of macchiato and Cappuccino);
  • Vending machines for cold drinks and snacks:
The vending machine dispenses different types of drinks such as water, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and more, as well as savory and sweet snacks according to your preferences;
  • Cecilia professional machine :
Pod machines packaged with compostable filter paper also available in the barley, decaffeinated and berry, chamomile, energizing, green tea, relaxing, black tea, digestive and lemon tea versions.

Un gusto d'eccezione🤎

Torrefazione di caffè, caffè in capsule e cialde, distributori automatici, macchine professionali, macchine per uffici e famiglie!

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